Not Your Girlfriend's Podcast is created by anonymous hosts B+L creating an online space for millennial women navigating sex + love in New York  






25 years young and not all that wiser. This podcast started with the purest intention that we're in our 20s and we're all trying figuring shit out.

I wanted share my stories with other women out there, offer some solace, and the fact that you are not alone (metaphorically of course, cause there's a high probability you're also single) 

Growing up in New York and working in the New York City I want to share my experiences navigating the twisted realm of dating in a city bigger than yourself. 

Relationship Status: Single and Mingling 


24 years old, raised in the 'burbs, living in Brooklyn.

After getting out of my long-term college relationship, I re-entered the dating world with many questions-- most of which included "is everyone else experiencing this??"

It was my first time dating in a city, first time on apps, and first time living on my own. So literally EVERYTHING was new territory. I listened to tons of dating podcasts to try to get some pointers, but none of them seemed to fully capture the millennial dating experience. 

That was when we decided it was time to make our own. We're here to share the good, the bad and the ugly of dating through the eyes of someone in their 20's. Even if we can't give you all the answers, we're here to let you know that you're at least not alone in this game we call dating. 

Relationship Status: Looking for my husband... or at least someone to have dinner and sex with