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Episode 43: Analog Sex vs Digital Sex

We start out this episode with B’s Life Update (00:03:00) continued from Summer Fling Episode (Episode 39: Seasonally Cancel Your Bae-The Summer Fling). Long distance in a relationship (00:16:00), the vital importance of Factime Sex and Sexting (00:23:30) in a Long Distance relationship, A BDSM Quiz you should definitely take ( and a funny sex story when you try to switch roles in the bedroom (00:30:55) and recon research for ladies to do in order to give a guy pointers when he goes down on you (00:43:00).

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Episode 4: What's Wrong With Sex in 2018 (And How You Can Do Right)

Armed with questions from their Focus Group of close friends, B+L dive straight in to answer all the questions you have about casual sex. Starting with the preamble (nudes or nah?), how to make sure you're getting exactly what you want out of sex, if toys and lube are kosher for the first time, and what do you when your magical night (or not so magical night) is over.