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Tinder Swipe Life

9 Experts Share Their Very Best Piece of Online Dating Advice

Written by sex educator Gigi Engle, B+L are featured in Tinder’s Swipe Life article sharing best online dating tips, read full article here


Wingman App Blog Article

What You’re Doing Wrong on Your Dating Profile (And How You Can Do it Right)

From the hosts of "Not your girlfriends podcast", Guest Authors B&L, give us the low-down on what makes a good profile.

We’ve done a lot of dating, and a lot of dating means a lot of swiping. It also comes from being the hosts of an anonymous podcast about millennial sex, dating and relationships (Not Your Girlfriend’s Podcast). Dating app profiles are a necessary evil— but what makes a good profile? Here are our notes from bad profiles and some tips on how to finesse your online presence… read full article here