Not Your Girlfriend Official Tee

We're happy to share our first tee! Exclusively live for three weeks before disappearing-get it while it lasts <3 

Details Front: Simply put-'Not Your Girlfriend' ideal for a first date to let them know exactly who you're not or simply a Sunday booze-y brunch, staying over at a fuck-boy's place-this tee can be worn anywhere!!

Details Back: Not your tinder match, not your girlfriend, not your ego boost, not your side bitch, not your therapist, not your instagram follower, not your mistress, not your token minority, not your one night stand, not your booty, not your arm candy.

Each 'not your' is followed by seemingly tour date-in reality it's a clever call back refereeing an episode from Season 1+2 of the podcast. Example 'not your tinder match...01/01' calls back season 1 episode 1, clever & cute WE KNOW !! 

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