If you haven’t had your Not Your Girlfriend’s Podcast fill, here are the collaborations and guest episodes of B+L on other podcast below!


The Undesirables

Episode: B+L, The Anonymous Hosts of Not Your Girlfriend’s Podcast

Imagine Tucker and Tom unleashed. No more of this weak "let's rein it back to protect our friends and loved ones." That's what it's like for B and L, the anonymous hosts of Not Your Girlfriend's Podcast. They can get real, and they do here as the group discusses first dates, commitment, getting over exes and how important are orgasms to sex.


Collected Layers

Episode 05: Mental Health and Dating with B+L from Not Your Girlfriend’s Podcast

Dating is something that inevitably effects our mental health, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Valentines Day doesn't help if it is going the wrong way. The anonymous B + L talk with Mike and John about some of the mechanics behind when and how to open up to your partner about mental health, as well as how to respond if your partner opens up to you! We also touch upon the importance of communication, language, consent and much more. Check us out on Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Spotify!


The Hangover Takeover

Episode: S3/Ep:7 "Define the Relationship" w/ B & L of Not Your Girlfriend’s Podcast

Gypsy and Juju of The Hangover Takeover have B+L on their live podcast show to talk worst dates, their ideal type and meeting people in real life (with lots of drinking in-between). Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Facebook, Sticher, Youtube, Soundcloud and more.


Falling in Luck Podcast

Episode: Girls Who Podcast

Madison and Juliana sit down with B+L from Not Your Girlfriend's Podcast and discuss the perks of being anonymous and how NYGF started. B+L give a much-needed lesson in Brooklyn dating and defend Tinder. The girls go on to explain the key to European romances and later share their formula for a perfect first date. Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, ListenNotes and more.