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Episode 43: Analog Sex vs Digital Sex

We start out this episode with B’s Life Update (00:03:00) continued from Summer Fling Episode (Episode 39: Seasonally Cancel Your Bae-The Summer Fling). Long distance in a relationship (00:16:00), the vital importance of Factime Sex and Sexting (00:23:30) in a Long Distance relationship, A BDSM Quiz you should definitely take ( and a funny sex story when you try to switch roles in the bedroom (00:30:55) and recon research for ladies to do in order to give a guy pointers when he goes down on you (00:43:00).

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Episode 27: When Should I Tell Them I Go To Therapy? Collected Layers x NYGF

This week B+L are joined by John, 29 and Mike, 28 from Collected Layer Podcast (@jckfoundation). In addition to finding the last two good single guys in New York, they break down how and when you should bring up therapy/mental illness in dating, meeting people in real life tips, and the guys share their most interesting dating stories and preferences for the modern 20-something New York male.

Episode 24: How to Sex Educate Yourself - Gigi Engle x NYGF

On this week’s episode B+L are joined by a very special guest-sex educator and journalist, Gigi Engle (@gigiengle on Twitter and Instagram). B+L talk sex education, female pleasure, toys, current sex trends (butt play!?), porn, and their mutual love of European men. B+L also answer a listener question and weigh in on how they should move forward.