All in Cuffing Season

Episode 44: Back to School Special-Boyfriend Training

Welcome to B+L’s Short Course Seminar on Boyfriend Training! They start off the episode with some life updates then dive into what they think is “Boyfriend Material” (00:11:16) the class broken down into four periods:

Period 1: (00:23:10) Communication- breaking down different arguing styles in a fight

Period 2: (00:42:41) Domestic/Living Situation- expectations in a relationship when it comes to cooking, cleaning, and paying for groceries

Period 3: (00:54:35) Social Interactions- how your bf interacts with your friends and family, being present with the other person when you’re in a sticky social situation

Period 4: Sex Ed (00:01:02) B+L’s best of advice on learning how to navigate a new person’s body, when and where to bring our your kinks and how to be woke and clear about your sexual needs.

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Episode 19: A Majority of Issues While Dating as a Minority

Prompted by a recent ‘Dear Abby’ write-in on whether an Indian couple should give their child an American name, B+L discuss their own ethnicity and their experiences while dating as minorities. They share some cringe-y dating stories and pro-tips to keep mind while dating someone who is a minority.